A Call to Action: Assembling the Team

You don’t need us to tell you that the situation in our country is dire. Covid-19 is sweeping through our homes and hospitals taking loved ones and leaving survivors struggling. Structural racism has created an epidemic of health disparities, vulnerability and deep unfairness in our country. Since March, five million Americans have lost their health care, and millions have lost their jobs. And looming in the background, we still haven’t addressed the threats from climate change that grow more destructive each year. So what can you do other than go back to bed and hide under the covers? Plenty. We can change our country’s trajectory. The catch is that we only have a certain amount of time to change our course. How much time? 

100 Days.

There’s a lot that humans have done in 100 days — some amazing and some terrible.  From today through November 3rd, we have a duty to inform, register and motivate people to vote for a new president, member of Congress or local official. Given the outside threats to our voting system (Covid-19, voter suppression, attempts to dismantle the post office, and election interference), we must take nothing for granted, no matter how excellent the polls look for Joe Biden. You see, this year there’s one stark truth:

Voting is not enough.

We need to make sure that our friends, our neighbors and fellow Americans not only get out there and vote, but have their RIGHT to vote protected. How can we do that? Each and every organization on the ACE checklist is here to guide you to take action. Whether it’s writing 100 postcards to encourage fellow voters, calling your member of Congress to pass voter protection legislation, tossing a few bucks to Biden or another candidate, or posting a lawn sign in your front yard, we can’t stress it enough: Every. Bit. Helps.

While we may love the lone hero’s story and journey, great change is more often brought about by the actions of many. In the Lord of the Rings, aid comes to our heroes two different times during the battle of Helm’s Deep. In the beginning, the elves join only after an impassioned plea to fight alongside humans against Sauron. Their surprise march to the battlement where they create a first line of defense is emotional and welcomed. After a long, weary, night of battle, when all looks lost, it’s Gandalf who returns with an army of fighters to save his exhausted friends. In the final Avengers battle, in the most epic fight against Thanos, we cheer when a few weary superheroes are joined by every Avenger, to protect the world, once and for all. We have the opportunity to be part of a movement. Because while the fight is hard, it is not impossible. 

This election will challenge our democracy, which is why we have created a checklist to share Actions, Community and Election resources to help us ACE what may be the greatest test in our lifetime. Join us over the next 100 days as we provide stories, inspiration and activities. Onward!

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