Checklist Champion: Swing Left

The ACE the Election checklist was carefully curated to include organizations we have worked with that have a proven track record and easy and clear actions.

Swing Left absolutely ticks both those boxes!

In 2018, Swing Left was a major force in taking back the House. From early fundraising to mobilizing volunteers, they allowed people to put their money and their hours where they would be most effective. Personally, they were a great option for me to engage outside of my blue, Portland, Oregon bubble.

Swing Left Super Strategy

The 2020 election is the most important in our lifetime, and this year Swing Left has a strategy to turn out Democratic voters to impact multiple races up and down the ballot in 12 key states. Swing Left provides several ways to get involved remotely

National Phone Banking Hub

The National Phone Banking Hub is a continually updated list of the most impactful actions that our national volunteer community can take to support  targeted races at the presidential, US Senate, and state legislative levels. Swing Left vets and monitors these phone banks to provide a changing list of recommendations based on the most impactful action at the moment. For people new to phone banking, Swing Left offers great resources and makes it easy to get started! It’s easier than you think.

Write Letter to Voters

Writing letters is one of the most effective ways to turn out voters. Swing Left partnered with Vote Forward (another great org on our checklist) to run letter writing campaigns targeting voters in key campaigns. All you need are stamps, envelopes, a pen, a printer, and paper.

Donate to Key Races

If you don’t have time to volunteer, donating is a great option. Democrats have an excellent opportunity to flip the US Senate this year, but it requires us to act strategically and donate to the races that are the most flippable. Swing Left provides updated recommendations on a rolling basis.

Simple, right?! What action will you check off the checklist to ACE the Election this year?